The Regular Deadline for the 2017 Core77 Design Awards is fast approaching, and with it your last chance to save with Regular pricing. Once March 8th hits, we move into our Final pricing period, before the Awards come to an official close on March 29th.

But why stress about squeezing your entries in during the waning seconds of the entry period when you can get your work in now?

We've already offered up 12 amazing things you could buy with the money you'd save by getting your work in before the deadline, but for a little added motivation, why don't we take you through a few things that might happen if you DON'T enter.

If you don't enter:

1.) Dave from that design firm you hate could win your category. And you just know he'll rub your nose in it at all the joint holiday parties.

2.) You'll waste hundreds, no, millions of dollars on candles and chocolate bars, which you could have been making yourself had you won the incredible Core77 Trophy. Oh, did we mention the trophy is a mold?

Ain't she a beauty?

3.) Our amazing panel of design leaders won't have a chance to critique your work. Just look at those smiling faces, do you really want to break their hearts?

4.) Your work won't have a chance to be enshrined forever on the Core77 Design Awards site. Which means in thousands of years, when higher life forms comb through the artifacts of our society, they won't be able to identity your work as the paragon of human intellect and ingenuity.

5.) How will you prove your 3rd grade homeroom teacher, who said all your classroom doodles would never amount to anything, wrong?

6.) You won't have a chance to win the Community Choice Grand Prize. Unlike other voting systems, we promise the project with the most votes wins.

PIGEON by Ignas Survila - 2015 Student Transportation Runner Up

7.) You can't be the inaugural winner of our Design Concept category, and join an illustrious list of first time winners such as George Washington, Kelly Clarkson, the Green Bay Packers, and Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas.

8.) But seriously, do you really want Dave winning your category?

Living in regret is never fun, so put the finishing touches on your entry and get it in by March 8th, 9PM EST. We can't wait to see what you've got for us this year!

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