A Beautiful But Hidden Bike Multitool

Multitools are pretty personal, much like riding styles and the bikes that need fixing, but most just gently tweak the same old tools and features. So whenever someone manages to make a truly compact multitool that somehow improves on the existing folding hex wrench sets, I get pretty hyped. 

The All In Multitool is a fun adaptation of the familiar boxy wrench sets that stashes the tools right inside hollow axle cranks. It fits inside common MTB models (think Shimano Hollowtech II, Race Face Cinch, or most SRAM), slipping into the hollow shaft and adhering with the cap’s strong magnetic ring. 

It fits in Allen keys from 3 to 6mm, a Philips and a torx T25 wrench, plus room for a couple extra chain links—a life saving addition in my humble experience. The flip out socket and knurled top cap combine for a decent amount of versatility and hand torque, addressing my central concern with short and round bodied tools.

The idea of trusting a magnet to hold my tools together also seems a little dubious, but founder and designer Giacomo Macoratti has tested the tools since their earliest 3D printed iterations, and got the interest of Greg Minnaar and Steve Peat, two verifiable thrashers of downhill racing. Both of them rode the Enduro World Series in with an All In installed, and if they can’t bash it out while riding, my plodding ass probably wouldn’t either. 

Plus the All In already won a Design & Innovation Award for the year, so shake your Park Tool MT-30 at that. 

The flashy Italian design looks cool in the hand and is low profile when installed. All in all a well thought out update to the standard tool kit with a couple extra points for sneaky stashing.

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