Each year, Stockholm Design Week keeps design enthusiasts up-to-date on the latest in the design world. A piece of furniture that caught our eye during this year's show is the result of a collaboration between Stockholm-based design studio FÄRG BLANCHE and the recycled textile-based flooring company, Bolon. Together, the two very different studios came up with the bug-like LONG NECK chair.

If you've ever felt the need to spend the next few months tucked away in a sturdy, yet comfortable cocoon—perhaps because of winter or the currently chilly political climate—look no further... 

LONG NECK's shape is both organic and structured—taking inspiration from samurai armor and insects. The stiff armor inspiration, which can be seen in the chair's shape, is contrasted with the choice of textile as the main material. The fabric gives the chair an insect-like personality, most closely resembling a pill bug

The chair is so quirkily lopsided and endearingly misshaped that I want to go right up and hug the monstrosity—as long as it doesn't bite.

LONG NECK's design process is equally as alluring as the chair's final structure:

Overall a fun and unexpected piece as the result of an unexpected collaboration. Stockholm Design Week came to a close yesterday, but you'll be able to catch LONG NECK as part of the ARMOUR mon AMOUR collection showing at Milan Design Week this April.

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