A look Inside IKEA's Bizarre Test Lab, Climb Mount Everest in 3D and Did Human or Household Object Wear it Better?

The Core77 team spends time combing through the news so you don’t have to. Here’s a weekly roundup of our favorite finds from the World Wide Web:

Short on resin? Hollow out your 3D models to save on materials. Here’s how.

Considering that this thing evolved into existence, I’m dying to see what didn’t make the cut.

The Google Doodles Archive really shows you how the Internet has evolved through the years.

Meet IKEA’s Test Lab team. The real question is can I make this the destination of my next vacation?

How to communicate a hard to believe project on Kickstarter.

Stop-motion artist paints with LEGOS.

People generally don’t know enough about Canada’s most iconic designers (myself included).

Climb Mount Everest in 3D with this interactive video depicting the climb.

Badger spends five days burying a dead cow so he can preserve the meat and take his time eating it.

Who wore it better? Household Objects Edition.

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