Calico Wallpaper's Collaborative, Process-Driven Collection at Salone Del Mobile

Calico Wallpaper has collaborated with four talented designers/design teams for their first solo Milan Design Week exhibit, Imagined Landscape. Faye Toogood, Snarkitecture, Ana Kraš and BCXSY are the first outside designers to collaborate with the bespoke wallpaper company. For the collection, they explored the relationship between sense of place and imagination to dream up beautifully intricate 2D wallpaper designs based on 3D processes.

BCXSY experimented with bubbles to create their fun, scientific inspired wallpaper design entitled Microcosmos. The random, enlarged bubbles are meant to appear as though you’re peering through a microscope. Once the bubbles were physically printed, designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto digitally combined and colored them.

BCXSY’s design process is equally as beautiful as the end result of their experimentation, which is displayed covering objects and walls of various shapes and sizes. The design duo’s careful design process is reflected in the airy, seemingly random shapes and the delicate color palette they decided upon.

Faye Toogood‘s more literal take on the theme entitled Woodlands, Fields, Moors draws inspiration from 17th century Rococo and her childhood landscape growing up in England. The original paintings were translated into wallpaper that is able transform any room to a different place because the design is able to sprawl across multiple walls at once.

The final result still looks 3D!

Snarkitecture’s design for Topographies stemmed from the design group’s fascination with excavation. The design process behind the minimal, yet detailed design involved designers Daniel Arsham, Alex Mustonen, and Ben Porto tearing thick white paper to create a sense of architectural depth. The 3D exercise was then scanned and turned into 2D wallpaper. Even the final 2D scan of the 3D design gives the illusion of dimension, referencing wallpaper’s natural aging process in a beautiful way.

Ana Kraš took an even more minimal approach when creating her Mira & Miloš wallpaper pattern. The hand-drawn lines across the page reflect a sense of structure, but when you look closely, you notice contained chaos created by shifts in color mid-line.

Imagined Landscape is on view at Salone del Mobile until April 9 at Via Varese 12,
Brera Design District in Milan, Italy.

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