Apple Watch & iPhone Charging Dock

Bob Clagett creates a handy desktop charging station for his iDevices:

DIY Media Console

Ben Uyeda creates a platform for his turntable along with place for LPs and speakers beneath:

Mortise Layout Tip

Nick Ferry shows us his neat trick for accurately marking the location of two mortises at once:

Enclosed Charging Station

Ryan Nodwell of ShopBuilt creates a drawer-style charging station. He incorporates half-blind dovetails which he cuts using the bandsaw and a palm router:

A Messy Headphone Cord Fix

Ben Brandt painstakingly repairs his son's headphones, making some key errors along the way. He's posted it so that you can learn from his mistakes and, errors aside, he still got them working in the end:

Designing and Building The Ultimate Xbox Stand

The Eames-quoting Chris Salomone creates a visually striking stand to hold an XBox set-up:

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