A company called Trillium Marketing, Inc. has developed Braeön (pronounced "brawn"), which they're calling "the world's strongest and most adaptable material." A 100% plastic product that comes in ribbon form, Braeön appears to be a super version of strapping tape:

The strapping tape analogy is apt, as Braeön is made by combining thermoplastic fibers and a thermoplastic polymermatrix. "Basically the thermoplastic polymermatrix keeps the thermoplastic fiber in place," the company writes. They claim that a single ribbon can hold over 2,000 pounds, and that the strength is nearly scalable (i.e. two ribbons will hold roughly double that).

At a dollar per foot the material isn't cheap, but that hasn't stopped over a thousand backers from pledging, pushing the Kickstarter haul up to $45,881 on a $15,000 pledge.

The product is due to ship this May, and intriguingly, the developers aim to expand beyond the ribbon form factor in future. "We plan on offering Braeön in different configurations at future time through our website," they write. "These configurations may include woven sheet, rod or filament."

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