Creative Package Design: Stacy Park's Accordion-Box Sewing Kit

In London, the Royal Ballet School is linked to the Royal Opera House by this structure, known as the Bridge of Aspiration:

When Stacy Park was a design student at Pratt Institute, she was given the assignment to “choose a brand and design a sewing kit for the male consumer keeping in relation to the brand image.” The brand she went with was the RBS, and she took the Bridge as inspiration for the form. Here’s what she came up with:

Threads, needles, scissor, patches, needle threader, safety pins, and all the basic necessities for sewing are included for emergency situations. The design concept was taken from the Bridge of Aspiration which connects the Royal Opera House to the Royal Ballet School. The delicate twisted shape of the bridge reflects the flexibility and gracefulness of ballet.

Nice work, Stacy!

Via Packaging of the World

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