Daniel de Bruin's Biometrically-Controlled Amusement Park Ride

Your average County Fair amusement park ride is controlled by some ex-con pushing a joystick and looking forward to his next cigarette break. But what if riders could control the machine themselves, in a hands-free way?

Artist/designer Daniel de Bruin has actually developed such a machine. The Neurotransmitter 3000, which de Bruin straps himself into below, is controlled by “biometric data he obtains by sensors on his body. Heart rate, body temperature, orientation / gravity and muscle tension are measured and translated to variations in motion.”

“Thus, not only responds De Bruins body on the movements of the Neurotransmitter, the Neurotransmitter also responds to his body:”

De Bruin collaborated with designers Bas Bakx and Pim Keunen to bring the Neurotransmitter 3000 to life.

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