Designs for Better Boozing: DIY Bottle Caddies

The weather’s getting nice, which means soon we’ll all be back to drinking alcohol out-of-doors. Why not class up your back-alley dice game with a handsome booze caddy? No matter what your poison, you can create something to make toting it around look like less of a degenerate activity.



Wine for two:

Wine for four:

 (One bottle, four glasses)

Wine for four heavy hitters:

 (No glasses, everyone drinks straight from their own bottle)

Wine for eight:

Of course, the shrewd designer integrates a corkscrew into the design, which can be used both to open the bottle and menace your upstairs neighbor who says he’ll call the cops if you don’t keep it down.

The nice thing about all of these is that you can make them with cut-offs, and there’s a lot of room within the designs to add your own elements. They’re a popular item on Etsy, so if you crank out some additional units and sell them, you can enter the dice game with a comfortable cash cushion.

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