Finising the Damascus Steel Chisel, Personalizing Musical Instruments, Reviewing the SafeCut Ruler System & More

Samurai Wood Chisel, Part 2

Wow! UK-based Alec Steele puts in an incredible amount of work finishing up the Damascus Steel Japanese chisel for The Samurai Carpenter, before shipping it across the world to Vancouver. (The unboxing video is at the bottom of this entry.)

Box Dust Collector

Drawing on the research done in the past few videos, Matthias Wandel builds a low-power, quiet dust collector out of what appears to be 100% upcycled materials:

Reassembling a Picture Frame

Not quite a build video, but while reassembling a picture frame from 1948, Frank Howarth makes a hilarious error that I could totally see myself making:

Building a Metal Carport – Part 2

In what’s got to be her most labor-intensive project ever, April Wilkerson finishes the steel structure and roofing for the massive carport she’s built for her folks:

Quick-to-Make Box Joint Jig

There are lots of different styles of box joint jigs out there, from fancy to simple. Her Steve Ramsey shows you his low-key variant, which can be made in just a few minutes:

Making Four Musical Instruments

David Picciuto combines two of his passions, making things and making music, to partially create his own instruments:

Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Bob Clagett knocks together a simple but sturdy cabinet you can build with a minimum of tools:

Reviewing the SafeCut Ruler System

Ron Paulk explains the merits of FastCap’s cleverly-designed SafeCut Rule, which makes it impossible for you to accidentally cut yourself:

Receiving the Samurai Wood Chisel

The Samurai Carpenter unboxes his gift from Alec Steele, geeks out and discusses his plans for the handle:

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