Seasick 8-Ball

"Self-stabilizing pool table on a cruise ship."

Minotaur Lighting Design

"The shadow from this mounted Bulls head looks like it has a human body."


Compensating for Typical Vending Machine Design

"These breath mints are taped to playing cards so they can be dispensed properly."


Layout Determined By Politics

"My university library has cnn on the far left and fox news on the far right."


Tool Hack

"I didn't have a caulk gun so I had to improvise"


One of These Things Sucks More Than the Other

"This lady cleaning with a vacuum at an iRobot shop."


Birds Attracted to Cheap Prices

"Nothing to see here, just a Costco employee silently hunting a pigeon"


Mail the Force Be With You

"My neighbors mailbox"


Superior Toaster Interface Design

"My toaster has a button for when you need your toast done 'a bit more'"


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