How Three-Sided Stairs are Done, Build Your Own Working iPhone, a Disturbing Fur-Less Tickle-Me Elmo & More

The Core77 team spends time combing through the news so you don’t have to. Here’s a weekly roundup of our favorite finds from the World Wide Web:

Everyone is a designer. Get over it.

Whoa. This week Tesla passed GM to become the most valuable car manufacturer in the U.S.

Shanghai’s Spider Men.

“To understand the genius of Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, and Mark Zuckerberg, just look at their desks

8 year old boy drives his sister to McDonald’s for a cheesburger.

How to build your own working iPhone. A casual, easy-going weekend DIY project.

Fascinating explanation for how the pyramids may have been built.

No laser pointer required. “Cat mesmerized by optical illusion.”

Graphic designer Motion Magic transformed this still photo of Kai Lenny at Mavericks into this GIF.

Drawing with water.

Makerbook: a collection of free web resources for graphic and web designers.

April Fools, dad edition: tell daughter to go into Jiffy Lube and ask for “blinker fluid” + “bucket of steam”.

We drew a drunk horse with Google’s AutoDraw… let’s see what you come up with.

Candy flavored string cheese is basically the flavored fluoride of cheese

If you’ve ever wondered how three-sided stairs are done.

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