How to Build a One-Legged Cabinet, a Throwing Star Fidget Spinner, Infuse Golden Veins Into Concrete & More

MakerSpace Cabinet w/ Dovetail & Secret Drawers

Linn from Darbin Orvar builds out a useful storage cabinet with a bunch of flat, wide drawers, then uses up some dead space at the bottom for a secret compartment:

Building Vanity Cabinets

Sandra Powell cranks out the carcase for a custom dual-sink vanity cabinet:

Laura´s Unrideable Beastbike

It’s always fun watching Laura Kampf build one of her bicycle experiments, even if this one turns out to be unrideable:

Turning a Failed Project Into a New Technique

When a concrete slab accidentally cracks, Jessie Uyeda uses it as an opportunity to experiment with giving it the kintsugi treatment. (“Kintsugi,” literally “golden joinery” in Japanese, is often applied to broken pottery to both recognize and beautify the damage.)

DIY Concrete and Gold Table

Jessie’s brother Ben modifies the technique slightly, figuring out a simple, controlled way to induce the “crack:”

Making A Steel Shuriken Fidget Spinner

John Heisz is full of surprises this week. Number one: I didn’t think he’d ever make something like a throwing star fidget spinner. Number two: I had no idea what kind of music he’d be into, but I didn’t think it’d be this!

Designing and Building A One Legged Cabinet

Chris Salomone embarks on an interesting furniture design experiment, and I give the results a thumbs-up:

Making a Stained Glass Hourglass

From Dustin Penner, this is definitely one of the more unusual materials and resultant object we’ve seen in the Makers Roundup:

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