How to Build Your Own Fast-Action Vise, Table Saw Tips for Beginners, a Crazy Experimental Sawmill & More

Sword in a Cane

This one is nuts! Jimmy DiResta not only fabricates a kris-style blade from Damascus steel, but then fabricates a spring-loaded brass mechanism that allows him to pop it in and out of a cane/scabbard:

Bandsaw-on-a-Dolly Sawmill

Prior to this video we never heard Matthias Wandel say he’s nervous, but here he has good reason to be: He’s attempting a rather unorthodox method of using a bandsaw as a sawmill. I almost bit my nails while watching this:

Improvements to the DIY Fast-Action Bench Vise

Now that he’s had a few months to live with it and abuse it, Izzy Swan shores up the design of his innovative fast-action bench vise and demonstrates it in use:

5 Table Saw Tips for Beginners

Izzy lays out safety, efficiency and maintenance tips borne from years of experience. I hadn’t thought of the baseball cap issue:

Wood Bowtie to the Auction

Frank Howarth attends the auction where his wooden handprint art piece is on the block, first fabricating a bowtie for himself from the original piece’s cut-offs:

How to Build a Picnic Table

Still no shop, but April Wilkerson’s making do working off the back of her truck. Here she knocks together a picnic table at her folks’ property:

Improving Dresser Drawer Clothes Storage

Steve Ramsey has become Kondo-ized after reading Marie Kondo’s Decluttering Bible. Here he comes up with a simple contraption to make her prescribed method of T-shirt storage work better:

Harbor Freight Drone Case

Bob Clagett repurposes an old hard plastic toolcase, kitting it out to carry all of his drone gear with protective foam fittings:

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