How to Create LED Light Panels, Build a Hideaway Home Gym, Construct a Computer Desk & More

Pixelstick with Image Processing

Wow! La Fabrique DIY creates an Arduino-based LED stick that can “paint,” with light, 40-pixel-wide images:

How to Make Bödvar’s Viking Helm

Bob Clagett uses his prop-/costume-creating skills to make this Viking helm from videogame Brawlhalla:

Super Bright Tunable LED Light Panels

Ever wanted to build your own dimmable, light-temperature-controllable LED light panels? Here Linn from Darbin Orvar shows you how:

DIY Candles with Concrete Bases

Ben Uyeda shows you how to use discarded water bottles to cast a concrete base, then molten wax right on top along with a wick to create your own candles:

DIY Home Gym In A Box

Another from Ben, who manages to design a home gym that hides away inside a leather-topped bench:

Making A Wooden Computer Desk

John Heisz designs and builds a multi-part, multi-level desk to serve as his editing station:

Woodworking with Lego

A short, humorous one from Chris Salomone, who recreates a George Nelson bench out of Lego:

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