Kitchen Knife

Jimmy DiResta needs a new kitchen knife. He could go buy one, or he could make one—from scratch. The way that he marks the centerline of the edge of the bar stock, and uses an out-of-square length of wood to grind the blade angle, is very clever:

Triple Tenon Joined Lumber Rack

Matthias Wandel engineers a very atypical and space-efficient structure for a lumber rack:

Push Stick Saw

Frank Howarth gets artistic with his push stick design:

"Goodbye Shop"

This is kind of a shocker! After all of the work April Wilkerson put into kitting out her shop and improving her home and property, she and her husband are selling the place. I did not see this coming.

Epoxied and Sandblasted Live Edge Slab Coffee Table

You might think creating a live edge table is just a matter of throwing the slab on the legs. Not so. Here Marc Spagnuolo shows us how to epoxy voids in the wood, use a sandblaster to clean up the live edge, and goes over in detail the crucial finishing process:

Finishing Experiments

Finishing seems like such a black art that I'm always glad to see people giving tips or doing experiments with it. While the first three minutes of this video is the Samurai Carpenter turning bowls, he then explains how he's using epoxy resin (as Spagnuolo did above, to repair voids) and experimenting with some "Turbo Cure" and wax. At the end he announces he's got a trio of new Japanese saws for sale on his site:

DIY Coffee Table with a Concrete Top

Ben of HomeMade Modern uses his plywood/reinforcing mesh/concrete technique to create a coffee table:

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