How to Fix Your Dremel

In addition to being a handy and versatile tool, a Dremel is easy to repair due to its relative simplicity of construction. If yours dies or malfunctions, you can bring it back to life with a Torx driver and a little patience. Here are three common Dremel problems and how you can easily fix them:

Won’t Turn On/Speed Control Not Working

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Contacts are Clean, Still Won’t Turn On

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Motor Turns On But Shaft Doesn’t Spin

Thanks to Noah Vawter

If you need to order parts, or if the problem is beyond you and you want to send yours in for repair, you can contact Dremel’s Service Center at 1.800.437.3635. The nice thing about the company is that they not only sell parts inexpensively and offer repair services, but have made repair pricing completely transparent with a downloadable PDF detailing maximum possible charges. If only all manufacturers operated this way!

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