How to Make a Bicycle-Handtruck Beer Transporter, a Concrete Dog Chow Station, an Adjustable Router Fence & More

Beer Bike (BMX meets Handtruck)

This is an awesome combination of a bicycle with two of Germany’s greatest productions: Laura Kampf and beer!

DIY Concrete Dog Feeding Station

As dog owners know, having dog bowls that slide all across the floor while they’re eating out of them can get messy. Ben Uyeda solves it with concrete, and I like the creative use of plastic bottles in the mold:

Scraper Made from Recycled Planer Blades

Why waste good steel? As John Heisz shows you, you needn’t. Here he upcycles some planer blades into a handy handheld scraper:

Modular Headboard

For his son’s bed, Chris Salomone creates a slatwall-style headboard that storage units can be slid into and out of:

Make Your Own Adjustable Router Fence

Inspired by his hatred of MDF (which I have to believe many of us share), Dustin Penner creates a handy, adjustable dust-collecting fence for his router table:

Fixing a Plastic Tricycle

Not a build video, but an interesting bit of problem-solving: When a plastic children’s toy breaks, most folks throw them away as plastic doesn’t lend itself to repairs. Enter Matthias Wandel:

Barrel Vessel Made with Bandsaw Jig

Izzy Swan has a talent for figuring out how to get straight-line tools to cut curves for complicated objects. Here he jigs up a table saw and bandsaw to cut barrel staves:

DIY Horizontal Router Jig/Pattern Follower

I found it fun to watch Izzy invent this pattern-following router jig, even though he admits using it can be “a pain in the butt:”

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