How to Make a Passive Concrete Speaker, Build a Tabletop Workbench, Forge a Damascus Steel Chisel & More

Forging a Damascus Steel Chisel

The aptly-named Andy Steele is an enthusiastic, improbably-young-looking 21st-Century blacksmith and the latest addition to our Makers Roundup. Here he forges Damascus steel into a Japanese-style chisel for The Samurai Carpenter:

How to Make a Large Bluetooth Scoreboard

Bob Clagett walks you through how he made this Arduino-based remote-controlled scoreboard. Along the way he runs into a couple of issues and solves them on the fly:

The GluBot, and a Discount

Ron Paulk runs down his favorite glue bottle, his sponsor FastCap’s GluBot, and also offers a discount code:

Concrete Passive Speaker Cube

Linn from Darbin Orvar creates a no-electricity-required passive speaker for her phone out of concrete and wood:

Mini Tabletop Workbench

Laura Kampf builds a nifty benchtop mini workbench, complete with dog holes and a tailvise:

Drill Press Depth Stop And Key Holder

This one reminds me of prototyping class at ID school. Here John Heisz creates a more ergonomic depth stop and chuck key holder for his drill press:

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