Candle Cage Made with a CNC Plasma Cutter

A short video from Jimmy DiResta this week, who gets to try out a new toy: His Torchmate 4400 CNC plasma cutter.

Blower Impeller Design Experiments

Matthias Wandel uses his building skills and some science to compare three different blade styles for a blower impeller:

How to Build a Table Saw Sled for Cove Cuts

This is wicked: Izzy Swan shows you how to build a table saw sled specifically for doing cove cuts (in addition to building a regular one first).

Office 2: Repurposing a Custom Storage Unit

Frank Howarth is switching locations for his domestic office, and here he turns a wall-mounted storage unit into separate bookshelves:

Building Front Porch Steps

With a scheduled knee surgery, April Wilkerson's dad was having trouble getting up and down the steps to his home. Here she rips out the too-steep stairs and creates a new set with deeper treads:

DIY Kitchen Organization: K-Cup Coffee Dispenser

Just as I was contemplating building a coffee-pod dispenser for my Nespresso machine, Steve Ramsey makes one for his Keurig. At the end he discovers a design flaw, which I am trying to figure out how to correct for:

Tool Vest Updates And Revisions

Years ago we posted about the Samurai Carpenter's awesome DIY leather tool vest. Here he gives it a ton of functional updates and improvements:

Pool Cue Shadowbox Display | Tribute to Dad

David Picciuto recently lost his father, a skilled pool player, to cancer. Here he builds a beautiful tribute to him with a display case holding his sticks and the winning orbs of his games of choice, 8-ball and 9-ball:

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