Multimaterial Saw Deal & Pattern Following Router

If you work with both wood and metal, Izzy Swan's worked out a pretty good discount for viewers, which he describes here. He also gives you a sneak peek at his in-progress design for a horizontal pattern-following router:

Bandsaw Stand Drawers

Matthias Wandel adds functionality to the tool stand he created last week, adding drawers and a sawdust capture box. I'm digging his trick for locating the drawer faces:

Dolly Cart Made with Office Chair Casters

Matthias comes up with an interesting way to save material while mounting casters on a dolly:

Closet Storage

The architect in Frank Howarth comes out as he designs and builds a closet storage system for his house. While not everything goes as planned, he improvises solutions as he goes:

Branded Custom Chisel Handles

Jay Bates is finally back in action! Here he creates a series of branded custom chisel handles:

One from the Archives: DIY Hanging Bike Storage

Ben Uyeda uses up some dead space in his house to rig up a simple bicycle hoist:

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