How to Scribe Wood to Stone, Build a Space-Efficient Exercise Machine, Build 62 Frames in Two Days & More

Homemade Gym in a Cabinet

Izzy Swan builds a space-efficient exercise machine, and discusses changing your mind about the design midway through a project:

62 Frames

Talk about production work. Jimmy DiResta’s got a rush job on his hands, and needs to make 62 glass-faced shou sugi ban frames for an art show–in just two days:

Condensed 20″ Bandsaw Build

Matthias Wandel compresses all seven build videos in his recent bandsaw series into one, for those who want to see it all in one sitting:

Installing a Cyclone Dust Collector

Jay Bates has been out of commission for a couple of months following a surgery. His ailment was respiration-related, so here he’s updating the dust collection in his shop starting with installing a Clear Vue cyclone system:

Cutting Board Care

A cutting board is one of the easiest things for a beginning woodworker to make and start selling. Here Steve Ramsey explains how to prep one for sale and maintain it over its lifetime:

How To Scribe Wood To Stone

Here’s a very interesting bit of problem solving from the Samurai Carpenter: How do you get a rectilinear surface, like the bottom of a post, to mate cleanly with an organic shape, like the craggy surface of a stone footing? The short answer is, special tools and hard work:

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