How to Turn Your Drill Press Into a Disc Sander, Learn the Art of Dumpster Diving, Get Paint to Dry in 10 Seconds & More

How to Make a Drill Press Disc Sander

Izzy Swan shows you how to turn your drill press into a disc sander, with a $20 accessory and some quick DIY:

How a Combination Lock Works

If you’ve ever wondered how a combination lock works, here Matthias Wandel demonstrates the internal mechanism—by building one out of wood:

The Art of Trash Picking

Here Matthias discussing his garbage-picking methodologies, and where the best places are to look for discarded furniture for wood harvesting:

1 Minute Hack – Dry Latex Paint In 10 Seconds

Izzy’s trick:

Dust Collection Piping and Testing

Jay Bates is ready to get back to work, but following his post-surgery recovery, his shop must produce as little dust as possible. In this video he covers the installation of the piping for his new dust collection system:

Making a Backyard Foundry

Following a tutorial by The King of Random, April Wilkerson creates a backyard foundry in order to melt some brass down to use for a casting:

Wood Finishing Made Easy

The list of finishes you can use goes on and on: Danish oil, wipe-on polyurethane, boiled linseed oil, lacquer, paste wax. Which is right for your product or project? Here Steve Ramsey covers the basics of finishing:

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