IDEO's Online Course on Design Leadership Begins Next Week

Which do you think is harder to teach: Design, or how to lead a design team? I think it’s got to be the latter, as in addition to your own crazy you’ve now got to manage other people’s crazy. I’ve started reading Ed Catmull’s “Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration” to learn more about it.

For those of you seeking more than a book on the subject, IDEO is offering a course on design leadership starting next week. IDEO CEO Tim Brown is presenting “Leading for Creativity,” a four-week course, through their online IDEO U portal starting on February 22nd.

Leading for Creativity teaches approaches that empower individuals and teams to search for innovative solutions. You’ll learn how to break down a bold vision into actionable challenges; make adjustments to culture by designing rituals and space; and guide teams into the unknown through the process of experimentation. Tim Brown, along with some of IDEO’s most experienced leaders and inspiring creative partners, will help you unlock the potential of your team or organization.

Here’s the pitch video:

In terms of time commitment, it requires roughly three hours a week—one to watch the content, two to execute the assignments and mingle in the community forum—for four weeks. The course runs $599 and you can get more details on it here.

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