Kickstarter and New Museum Bring Crowdfunded Favorites to New Museum Store

Just this morning, Kickstarter announced their exciting new collaboration with New Museum—a retail collection featuring carefully curated Kickstarter favorites. Further reinforcing the diverse community that is Kickstarter, the collection includes products ranging from conceptual clocks to solar powered chargers. 

Kickstarter and New Museum Store hope to make successful Kickstarter projects more accessible to shoppers, as well as represent the wide array of products you can support on the platform. We figured it was just a matter of time before Kickstarter started to explore retail, but we’re glad they’re dipping their toes in the water with New Museum, an institution dedicated to showcasing boundary-pushing work.

Some of our favorites from the collection include:

Personal Body Unit Index, a clever measurement system that uses your body instead of a ruler. The system seems particularly handy for designers when rulers get lost in the design tool abyss.

Analog Voltmeter Clock, a clock that uses indicator needles of analog voltmeters to tell time. Instead of treating bugs as a glitch, the clock reminds us that time isn’t such a rigid experience. 

Little Sun, friendly devices that harness the power of the sun to charge things like battery packs.

A window display featuring projects in the collection will be on view at the New Museum store until May 15. When speaking with Nick Yulman, Kickstarter’s Senior Curator of  Design + Tech, about the collection, he made sure to note one important detail about the display: that names of real project backers are etched onto each object’s platform. Highlighting the names of original supporters serves as a nice reminder that backers help bring Kickstarter projects to life just as much as the dedicated design teams behind them.

Check out the full collection at New Museum Store’s online store, or if you happen to be in NYC, stop by their physical store at 235 Bowery.

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