Kickstarter Goes Public with First Ever 'Request for Projects' 

Kickstarter is arguably the most well-known crowdfunding platform out there. At any given time, you can pledge to support virtually any project you could imagine, from magazines on the future of food to sand-cast metal bowls to desktop digital fabrication tools.

The wide range of projects the platform attracts is all fine and good, but what projects do the Kickstarter team actually get excited over? It’s something we’ve always wondered, and now Kickstarter is finally giving us some insight through their very first ‘request for projects‘. 

Desktop waterjet cutter, Wazer.

Written by Kickstarter’s Director of Technology and Design, Julio Terra, the request focuses on three project categories the Kickstarter team is specifically seeking out: Tools for Creating, Boundary Pushers, and Delightful Design. 

The three categories still cover a wide range of possibilities, but they do speak to Kickstarter’s values as a public benefit corporation. Basically, even though making money is great, that’s not the only way the company wants to measure success. Kickstarter is a platform to help innovative projects hit their business goals, and they are focused on maintaining that mission while looking towards the future. 

To learn more about each category, give the full request for proposals a read. If you’re working on a project that falls under any of these three categories, Kickstarter wants you to reach out to their team through this response form.

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