For our first Mid Century Modern Find of the Week, we're showing you this Pernilla 69 chair, designed by Bruno Mathsson and produced by Swedish manufacturer DUX. I consider it a truly iconic mid century chair, but one that not a lot of people know about (probably because they don't sell it at DWR).

This Swedish modern Pernilla high back lounge chair has a beech frame and leather upholstery.

Its tall, structural back not only creates beautiful bentwood lines but offers back support and ergonomic comfort.

This chair is covered in original button-tufted black leather which snaps in place to a canvas lined back. It is in excellent original condition with typical wear for its vintage.

Piece: Pernilla 69

Designer: Bruno Mathsson
Year of Design: 1944
Year of Manufacture: 1969
Country of Origin: Sweden
Manufacturer: DUX
Dimensions: 35" wide x 32" deep x 39" tall
Price: $2,600

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Note: The Core77 editors are going to fill you in on the backstory of this chair with a companion entry. Stay tuned!

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