Pensa Designs Sexy Glucose Monitoring Devices

To monitor their glucose, diabetics must regularly prick their finger, then insert test strips into devices that look like Nokia designed them in the ’90s:

Then they’ve got to log the figures. It’s a decidedly clinical experience performed with undesirable devices.

Brooklyn-based design firm Pensa is addressing this problem with design. If a diabetic must live with this ritual, oughtn’t the objects used be beautiful, and the process of logging made easier? To this end, they’ve designed the chrome-and-leather, Marc-Jacobs-inspired One Drop system:

The flat device that you see is the meter, which both reads the test strip and transmits the data to the app on your phone. The narrow cylindrical device is the lancer, and the wider cylindrical container holds the test strips. Here’s how it works for the end user:

The One Drop was successfully crowdfunded, and the sets can be purchased on One Drop’s website.

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