Reader Submitted: A Seriously Fun Airport Vehicle for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

What is the best way to get airport passengers with reduced mobility to the gate and back? Nowadays, many airports use golf carts. But as the name says, these vehicles aren’t designed with airports in mind. Therefore, Dutch manufacturer Special Mobility asked design firm Studio Rotor to design a vehicle that does meet the specific needs of airports and passengers.

Meet the Multimobby. It’s a highly maneuverable electric vehicle, which is able to make 360 degree turns on the spot. It automatically slows down for obstacles and/or persons that walk too close to the vehicle. The high sides provide safety for passengers, especially when going through narrow spaces or into elevators. The wheels are fully covered to protect the people around the vehicle. And it’s fun to drive!

See the Multimobby in action in a short animation or a product movie (from 1:39)

View the full project here

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