The Core77 team spends time combing through the news so you don't have to. Here's a weekly roundup of our favorite finds from the World Wide Web:

A 'smart' lock from 1680 that even tells you if someone messed with your stuff.

ID student's concept for a drone that pollinates, a la honeybees.

Top 3 Norwegian industrial design innovations: High chair, hull line, cheese slicer.

Happy 30th Birthday, Nike Air Max 1!

"Those were my favorite sunglasses, I'm going to find them if it kills me."

Fine architecture? Nope. The inside of a Gibson guitar.

Amazing jewelry box made by James Linard, in a course taught by Marc Fish.

The Bunny Museum finally ran out of room. They better 'hop to it' and open that new location (Oh, wait).

Expensive things to buy: 3D Printed Porcelain bowl set.

Here's how you get from Copenhagen to Malmö on two wheels.

This Vietnamese SWAT team's very creative way to scale buildings.

Unfortunately, we all know this person... 

Visualize the color composition of Pokemon icons in your choice of chart type.

Why the Bic Crystal is the ideal "desert island" pen.

Don't lick your Nintendo Switch cartridges. We warned you.

The Royal Mail announced a set of David Bowie stamps, featuring album artwork from 1971 through 2016. The stamps go on sale March 14.

"Meanwhile in Florida, the alligators have developed sign making skills."

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