Today's topic is a common but important one: what's one of the books that got you interested in pursuing design? What's a book that continues to inspire and influence your work? On the Core77 discussion boards, maehoosadie asked the experts in our design community: what are the best and brightest books out there for designers?

"I was curious what books have influenced your creative or design processes. Two of my professors have stressed the importance of curating a design library and gave several suggestions on getting started...I was hoping to hear what others in the industry enjoy reading on design, or any other topic. I've got a few on minimalism and sustainability I'm hoping to read as well, and I'd love to hear your recommendations and discuss your thoughts!"

(Editor's Note: maehoosadie also includes a great list below her question of must-read design books worth checking out!)

Here are a few responses to this reader's question straight from our audience—

Aircraft by Le Corbusier

"It is a funky short book, presumable about aircraft but really about how he saw technology could reshape culture. It can be read in about 30 minutes." — yo

The Best Interface is No Interface by Golden Krishna

"This book was recommended by a friend, and we both work in the furniture industry. Although the book talks a lot about the digital world, its been incredibly inspiring and changed the way I think about interfacing with products." — AVClub

"Currently reading Designing Design by Kenya Hara which has some interesting perspectives.

I also like:
Super Normal by Naoto Fukasawa & Jasper Morrison
Okala Practitioner by iDSA
The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christiansen"


"I could also recommend a couple books from IDEO's Tom Kelley:
The Art of Innovation and The Ten Faces of Innovation." — Architorture


So tell us—what's missing from this list? Share your must-reads with the Core77 audience in the comment feed below or in the original discussion board thread!

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