These Sleek 3D Printed Vases Are Plastic Bottles In Disguise

These cool geometric vases aren’t just a fancy set of homeware, they’re a gesture of repurposing aimed at reducing waste. The slim vessels were designed by Libero Rutilo to bring fun futuristic design to the issue of overuse and waste of PET bottles around the world.

After reflecting on the overabundance of un-recycled water bottles, Rutilo began working on solutions for reuse. After working with 3D printing and airy forms he created this series of vases, each produced with a threaded collar insert. This threading allows the user to screw a plastic water bottle into the vase base, and keep it as a useful decorating feature. 

As vases go, I love these both for their fun take on repurposing, and because slim tall vases are wonderful for statement flowers yet aren’t terribly common in contemporary feeling product lines. That the plans are available for download or remote printing really sells it. 

Rutilo acknowledges that a single product and a single re-used bottle can’t shift the tide of resource waste. However he does hope that reframing this ubiquitous piece of trash as useful will help shift people think differently about their consumption and waste, as one “first step towards environmentally friendly lifestyle.” Whether you agree or not, they do look cooler than a decoupaged wine bottle.

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