Using the Glowforge Laser Cutter, Improving an Improbable Sawmill Design, Building a Disney Prop & More

Bulleit Sign Build and Install

It’s fun watching Jimmy DiResta install the letters of this steel sign he made for Bulleit HQ down in Kentucky. I like the layout trick he uses:

Blower Housing Shape Experiments

This will appeal to the technical-minded among you. Matthias Wandel combines science and functional design, conducting a series of measurable experiments in order to determine the ideal shape of a blower housing for a dust collector. He makes an interesting discovery concerning which is more important, CFM or static pressure:

Bandsaw-on-a-Dolly Sawmill Improvements

Matthias analyzes the flaws of his bandsaw-on-a-dolly rig, designs and builds some improvements, then identifies more potential improvements. Be sure to check out his excellent explanation at the end, which cleverly uses a carrot as a demonstrative tool:

Building a Metal Carport – Part 1

Seems like there’s nothing April Wilkerson can’t do. This week she tackles her largest project to date, a 20′ x 24′ steel carport for her folks’ property:

Kid Size Maui’s Hook from a 2×4

Marc Spagnuolo’s son loves the Disney movie Moana, so here makes him a version of demigod Maui’s magical hook:

Using the Glowforge Laser Cutter

Glowforge backers have had to be patient, but here David Picciuto’s got his hands on a pre-production model and demonstrates its use. There is a brief hiccup with a hold-down issue, which he handily fixes with a couple of pennies:

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