With Their Bit Bar EDC Screwdriver, Big Idea Design Scores Their 16th Successful Kickstarter

Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang, the industrial design duo behind Big Idea Design, have done it again: Sixteen successful Kickstarter campaigns and counting! And two of their last four campaigns broke the $200,000 mark, which the current one might as well. Even if it doesn’t, it’s already a smash hit: The Bit Bar is compact, yet actually useable screwdriver and bit holder that’s already over 1,000% funded.

Parker and Huang were seeking $10,000, and at press time were up to $136,934 in pledges with 27 days left in the campaign. We’re mightily impressed with their consistent ability to figure out what people want or need, design a superior or more desirable alternative to what exists, then get it manufactured.

We’ve written more about what makes these guys so successful here:

Turning Kickstarter into Kickcontinuer

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